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IIUG Insider — quick link to the current issues, with the ability to find past issues.

IIUG Hotspots — Links to commonly used items on the web site (basically the old web site arrangement). Hot Spots:

  • Software Repository
  • Conferences Corner
  • IIUG Sponsor Program
  • IIUG Press Partners
  • IDS New Feature Requests (aka VNext)
  • comp.databases.informix
  • Informix Books
  • Informix-List
  • Calendar of Events
  • Local User Groups
  • IIUG Insider
  • IIUG Discussion Lists
  • Webcast Corner

Related User Communities:

  • Open-Source for Informix Project
  • International DB2 User Group
  • Rational Software Global Users
  • U2 User Group
  • WebSphere Software Global Users
  • Tivoli Software Global Users

Informix Links — These are all links to other website locations of interested in the following areas:

  • IBM: various links that are of most interest to the Informix users such as the Processor Value Units Calculations; Business Partner; and End of Service Dates
  • Blogs: links to the top Informix bloggers we know of
  • Informix 11.70: Latest and greatest Informix product information
  • Social Media: Join all the Informix communities for LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Training: Includes conferences
  • Tutorials: The Informix detective game and certification prep

International — Tabs for information in languages besides English


Software Repository — These pages allow you to access the IIUG Software Repository and other Informix-related archives on the Net.

  • About the Software Repository
  • Repository Index
  • Repository Search
  • Repository Upload
  • Mobile Apps

Product Offerings (was Informix Products) — . This area shows you the current offerings and product lines from IBM.

  • IBM Informix Solutions
  • Informix 11.7 Editions
  • IBM Informix Products
  • IBM Informix Tools and components

Online Resources — This lists a number of tools , magazines and newsletters, and conference information.

  • Online Resources — collection of links
  • Magazines and Newsletters — hot links to various online information
  • Past Conferences and Events — this has recorded Webcasts, as well as a reminder that you need to become a member of IIUG and then you can have access to the conference presentations from past conferences.

Technical Library (was Document Library) — Tabs for each topic of interest and a collection of various information for that topic.

  • Informix History
  • Informix Family
  • FAQs
  • 4GL
  • Cloudscape
  • Genero
  • Informix
  • Informix 7
  • Informix 9
  • Informix 10
  • Informix 11
  • Innovator-C
  • Linux
  • NewEra
  • OnBar
  • TimeSeries
  • Tivoli
  • Warehouse
  • Informix Warehouse Accelerator

Books and RedBooks — a list of known books on Informix and a dynamically created link to every Redbook

  • Books on Informix
  • General Database Books
  • IBM Redbooks

IIUG Banners — pictures you can download for presentations and use at Local User Group meetings.

Analyst Reports/Success Stories — links you can show your management that detail the success stories from various companies and include a few analyst reports related to Informix.


Technical Special interest Groups (SIGS) — Discussion groups technical issues or preferred languages.

Other Discussion — - Discussion groups that are not sponsored by IIUG.


Events — List of upcoming Events from the calendar

Webcasts/Chat w Lab — recorded Webcasts and Chat with the Labs

IIUG TV — Videos about the Informix worlds

IIUG Sponsors — a list of very special Informix using businesses that have sponsored the IIUG

Business Directory — Businesses are invited to list themselves in our directory of Informix products

IIUG Press Partners — list of magazines publishing IIUG articles

Local User Groups — list of every organized user group in various locales throughout the world

Job Board — Hunting for a job, or wanted to post a job - this is the place